We Can Be Heroes

We have partnered with a growing list of over 100 individuals and corporate heroes who are working tirelessly in our efforts to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic in the Waterloo Region. With your donations, we are able to ensure that people on the frontlines have the supplies and equipment that they need.

Dr. Sarah Rinaldi

Dr. Sarah Rinaldi, co-creator of covidhealth.ca, speaks about our biggest challenge: the impending widespread shortage of protective equipment for healthcare workers and other first-responder personnel in our community, and our need to coordinate now and connect people in our communities that can help solve this problem.

Based on a recent survey, we expect that at least 51% of the clinics in our region will run out of protective equipment in less than one week with the current resources they have.

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Our community runs the risk of our health practitioners finding themselves under quarantine, and no longer able to help.

Dr. Sarah Rinaldi

We need your help, desperately.

Fortunately, we are starting to see something incredible happening in our community – local businesses are stepping up with some even reorganizing their production processes to produce much-needed products like face masks and hand sanitizer; individuals are utilizing their expertise to make products using capabilities at their disposal.

Let us know how else you might help.


If you have an idea, or are still yet unsure but are wanting to help, please free to reach out to us.

Problem solvers

If you have an idea of how to help and need a way to distribute or scale, we can help you.

Health practitioners

If you have any existing contacts for suppliers or others, please let us know.


Would you like to help us in managing some of our ongoing activities?

Community members

For those who purchased masks, please consider donating them to the nearest hospitals or family doctors’ offices.

Everyone Else

Continue to stay home, keep a safety distance of at least 2 meters away from others and wash your hands often.